The end is nigh….

The end is nigh.


I have to admit, the unit has taken up so much of my time that until now I was a little behind on the blog, but from this point on, this blog is in real time.

This week was the final week to get it all together, as I decided to enter the unit into the HIA awards for Design and also Property Presentation.  I needed to get the unit finished in record time!

Over the last two weeks I have spent hours selecting furniture at Freedom, Adairs, Freedom (again), Adairs (yes, again), Oz, Fantastic Furniture, Kmart, Big W, and a few of my wholesalers – anywhere I could get what I needed quickly.

2015-07-29 13.11.35


It was a little difficult moving the furniture in whilst the bathroom was being finished and the kitchen tiling was still in progress – I wasn’t too popular!!!  For a time, I really did feel like I was living an episode of the Block!


2015-07-29 10.57.56

2015-07-29 14.51.14

Mum helping me!

2015-07-29 15.07.38

There were a few hiccups during the week: we were let down by the bath resurfacer, which meant we needed to put off the showerscreen, which in turn meant that a delay for our tiler finishing the bathroom.  On Friday we had scheduled the photoshoot for my Real Estate agent and the awards, at the same time as our showerscreen was being installed.

2015-07-29 14.51.07

2015-07-29 14.46.47

Anyway, the photoshoot went ahead and we took photos around what was happening… and the results are great, you wouldn’t even know!

So, I am officially exhausted!  Shopping all day takes a lot of energy… hey, someone has to do it!!! :)

Stu and I are off for ten days skiing and whilst we’re gone the unit will go on the market.  I’ll post again when we get back at the end of August. Looking forward to reaching the end of this project, and finding out the result of all our effort!

But before I sign off, lets do a recap on how it looked and how it now looks – I would be interested to hear your thoughts….

How it looked….

2015-04-15 16.41.42 - Copy

2015-04-15 16.41.48 - Copy2015-04-15 16.42.182015-04-15 16.41.35 - Copy 2015-04-15 16.41.282015-04-15 16.39.56 - Copy2015-04-15 16.39.44

And now the finished job…

2015-08-07 10.30.14

2015-08-11 21.56.22

 2015-08-09 16.11.36

2015-08-09 18.04.42


The end is nigh….