The difficulties of finding nice inexpensive wall lights!


To keep expenses down, rather than get new downlighting installed we decided to make do with what was existing and just change the light fittings.  This is what we had…

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2015-04-15 16.41.35 - Copy


Now, in ten years of renovating I have never had to find an internal wall light fitting!  We have always worked with downlights and pendants. The only wall light fittings I’ve ever needed to source were for external spaces and there some nice designs from which to choose.

Well, after hours and hours and hours of searching from store to store and online, do you think I could find something that I was happy with? No (aside from a couple that were really expensive)!

So, as much as I didn’t want to, I decided to use bar lighting – two or three lights along a silver rail, plus a couple of singles for the bedrooms.   I don’t love them, but I think they look okay and they were very reasonably priced.  All our sparky had to do was replace the existing fittings, resulting in less expense for us.


2015-07-20 13.52.22 2015-07-20 13.52.25

2015-07-20 13.53.00


The next problem we had was that the pendant light in the dining room had not been fitted centrally within the space, it was just placed randomly!  I really wanted a funky industrial pendant light over the dining table but didn’t want to move the light fixture (rewiring). What to do?  After searching for a funky light that wasn’t going to break the bank, finally I hit the jackpot at Beacon! Beacon has fantastic, long lighting cables that you can fit to the existing light fixture, then drape and hook the cord so the pendant hangs exactly where you want it – check out the picture and you’ll understand what I mean.  It’s right on-trend and I think it works nicely.

My search…..

2015-07-01 12.33.04 2015-07-01 12.33.30 2015-07-01 12.33.43 2015-07-01 12.33.54 2015-07-01 12.35.09 2015-07-01 12.35.22


and this is what I ended up with…


 What do you think?


The difficulties of finding nice inexpensive wall lights!