Do I go bling for the feature tile in the bathroom or keep it neutral….???


As the tiles for the bathroom floor were sorted and the shower-over-the-bath debate was over, the next decision was whether to use a feature tile, and if so, what kind.  Off I went to Amber Tiles at Albion, to see Lynne, who has become a friend (I have been working with Lynne for many years).  I really love Lynne, nothing is a problem, and she had been over to the unit to have a look before we started.  After much discussion, we decided on a beautiful white 400 x 600 rectangular feature tile with a heptagonal pattern through it – apparently exactly the same tile as someone on The Block used!  I really loved it.  The tile would be placed on the wall that is common with the toilet and the remaining tiles would be a 400 x 600 plain white gloss.  Perfect.  I decided I would use the same tile in the kitchen splashback, tying everything together nicely.

However, all that changed!  One day I was having another chat with my tiler and we were looking at the feature tile in the bathroom, and noticed that with the low light (it’s a south facing bathroom) we couldn’t see the lovely pattern!  So, off I went to Amber Tiles again and explained my problem. There were two options: either go for a bit of bling and choose a pewter tile; or play it safe and go with white…what would you do???

I decided to go with pewter. I loved it. As it is a feature wall, there isn’t a lot of it and a bit of bling can work really well in a bathroom.

2015-06-26 11.31.25

What would of you have done?


What do you think of it now…..

 2015-07-30 17.59.13


Do I go bling for the feature tile in the bathroom or keep it neutral….???